It's a thing now. Capture the proposal and keep it all under wraps until the big reveal. 

Something to remember

It started in Grand Central Station. I met up with Mazen and his very conspicuous-looking friend Sam before the arrival of Mazen's soon to be fiance, Fayrouz. Of course, it was crowded, and that doesn't make for clean photos. However, It did allow for me to be fairly close. Good thing everybody and their dog has a camera.

At 42nd Street Station

We're on our way to Central Park. That means passing through the Times Square Station, and it really really filled up on this post-Sandy day. I barely made it onto the adjacent subway car, and by barely, I mean my face was pressed up against the door. 

Central Park West

We're out of the subway and walking. I'm feeling very sneaky now... and a bit stalkery. Okay a lot stalkery. Sam and I kind of lose them coming out, but Mazen discreetly communicates.

Finding good angles and trying not to be too obvious is...tough. We didn't map this out beforehand and that's fine. I would hate for this to be too scripted anyway.

And.... I've been made.

Just kidding. I just always wanted to say that.

Bethesda Fountain

Central Park

Mazen found a secluded area. We hid behind some bushes.

And here we go.

Oh man, this is fun.