prime produce

Prime Produce, a New York City based 501(c)3 not-for-profit think-tank, is holding its second annual fall “Prime Produce Open Benefit” event, providing over 40 not-for-profit organizations with access to a creatively executed auxiliary fundraising and networking platform: The Prime Produce Prom. 

Taking place simultaneously in New York and San Francisco on the evening of November 19, young representatives and supporters of numerous charitable causes will don “black tie, formal wear, and zany costumes” to celebrate altruistic work and share resources at the Prom-themed cocktail and dance party. 100% of net proceeds from the event will be divided among participating organizations proportional to their attendance.

Having experimented with different event models since its conception in 2007, Prime Produce first hosted Prom in 2010. The all-volunteer team at Prime Produce designs, plans, and executes this event and invites any qualifying not-for-profit organization to leverage Prom as an auxiliary fundraising opportunity and networking platform. For organizations large and small, the event provides a risk-free stimulus boost, a chance to connect with similar organizations, and a fresh opportunity to access support networks while celebrating worthwhile causes. Prom is comprised primarily of young leadership from within the nonprofit sector and their immediate social networks. 

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