Taking Pictures

I don’t really call it taking photographs as much as I say taking pictures. The term just seems a bit too rigid and psychologically, feels limiting. A picture doesn’t feel as mature but in a good way. Taking it further, I tell myself I just make images and pretty much make the umbrella as large and as general as possible. That way I have the freedom to just draw a red stripe across anything and exclude myself from a single medium. This is what I tell myself, but I know better. This is just me denigrating the importance of these images to myself. If it’s not that important, it doesn’t matter if they all suck. It’s funny how the photographic inspiration that drives my photos is also what gives me this hopelessness. I look at the content around the web (which are admittedly mostly from pro’s)and wonder what I’m doing wrong. They will never look like Jeremy Cowart’s, or Joey L’s, but then again, should they be? Probably not. Still, I wish they were better.