When I Look Back

I have historically always had a terrible memory. Part of the reason to take these photos is to remember in that beautiful, reminiscent way we remember things, of those times that we do remember so fondly. And I think, for me, my photos reflect that. The goal seems less and less that we seek out these places to return with a tangible form of art. It’s to see it for ourselves first, to enjoy our surroundings, and satisfy our adventurous side. But having the camera with me all the time has become a part of it. It’s half the fun of putting the camera on the ground or on the tree, setting the timer, and having that sense of urgency to just act. It’s the energy and emotion that we feel for, not how it’s documented. I wish all the time that I had this kind of glimpse into the lives of other people whether they be friends or strangers. I want everybody to be having this much fun. I’ve learned everything I’ve learned about photography by reading the ridiculous amount of information online. I really don’t think what I do is that much more than clicking a few buttons on a camera and moving around a few sliders on the computer. Art in general is a huge departure from anything I’ve ever striven for or done. My daily life is enveloped by the sciences. It is not in the parameters of what you or I find pleasing to the eye. It is really great to remember every instance of certain days. When I die, I hope my brain plays my life back to me through these images.