Central Park

Hi guys,

I believe that great photos have a larger impact in smaller amounts. This explains exactly why my site is laid out as it is. You see one photo at a time and it begs your attention. Many other photographers these days batch edit their photos and will present dozens and dozens of photos even if it's just from one or two locations with poses a couple of seconds apart. I have no problem with this. It just has less of an impact on me. I scroll through quicker if I see a very similar image.

I spend between 10-20 minutes processing a photo on the computer. I pick the best photo from that specific location and try to make it look its best. I love doing it because the possibilities of the outcome excite me.

Engagement Sessions

$300- will get you three hours to run around with me and have fun. You will receive all of these images on your choice of DVD, USB, or Dropbox. I will generally process a dozen of the most awesome shots we take together (like the ones you see on the website). But of course, if you see a couple of other photos that you want given this treatment, I'm more than happy to oblige.

$500- will get you all of the above for 6 hours with many more processed photos. Ya know... if you really love having your photo taken, if you have several costume changes to go through, or if you just want to hang out and have me take photos of us hanging. 

If there are any questions, ask me. I love questions.